Sunday, March 18, 2007


okay one more Oracle blog added to the million already existing out there..

Well the reasons why I came up with this blog are...

  • a) this is accessible from everywhere
  • b) easier to track comments (if any post happens to get some follow-up comments)
  • c) no identity: you dont have to reveal yourself to ask a question or even to technically dispute anything posted here.Being anonymous , I think will be more effective for an open discussion.
Okay, now before I start with technical posts, one clarification ..
I tend to keep this blog as simple and understandable as possible..without getting into much expert level..I would like to keep it fun and readable for developers and starters..and so please dont think of some extreme cases and reply "well your example wont work ..because if this this and this happens, your's wont work".. Other than that, I am open for any comments..feel free to correct me ,if you think I am wrong anywhere ..

yes, I do make mistakes and dont claim myself an expert or anything..In fact, I am just like anyone else who bumps into new things in oracle and learns it everyday..Well, to me, Oracle database is changing so much every day and with every version, there cannot be really be one expert to know lets all learn and benefit out of sharing

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