Saturday, August 11, 2007

11g: One more to remember - CASE matters!!

until now , I always had the luxury of just remembering just my passwords and not its case. Because I think Oracle always took supplied password and apply some hashing function together with userid to generate a new passcode which is what gets stored under password column of dba_users or all_users.

Starting from 11g, oracle passwords are going to be case-sensitive. So its going to take a while for people like me to remember "OracleIsFun" is different than "oracleisFUN".

Another nice addition to Oracle 11g is new view called users_with_defpwd (or something similar)..this view list all the users whose password is supplied default one (scott/tiger). Now, I can already see - this is going to be extremely easy for database auditors (SOX ,HPAA whatever else ) to list the such user accounts ..I remember creating a script for 9i before, where I have to built my own array of known userid+password combinations and then trying to connect for every single known combination.

Oracle is really thinking ahead.

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