Sunday, April 29, 2007

Job security - not looking bad recently did a survey on fastest growing jobs (across all areas not just IT) and published the results here.

Database Administrator job shows up at #12..which is not bad at all and especially considering the ratio of developers-to-DBA positions are always something like 25:1 , this is not bad at all..

check out the metrics..
Number in 2004: 104,000
Number in 2014: 144,000 <-- 40000 new positions in 10 years..that is about 4000/year!!
Education required: Bachelor's degree

Number 5 looks very promising too..One more area where developers beat DBAs :)

look at the metrics
Number in 2004: 460,000
Number in 2014: 682,000 <-- 222,000 new positions in 10 years

Well well , the future looks very bright atleast for the next 5 years..Unless Oracle buys over "Pizza-hut" as part of their ongoing strategic acquisition/alliance :)

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