Sunday, April 1, 2007

Software development - a continuous learning process

Its interesting to read this recent post in one of my favourite sites.

I cant agree more - as I get to learn most of new stuff only when I am given a task..dont remember the last time I read something from documentation and understood on my first read.

and about the academic qualification - again a big nod from me.if someone goes back to my college and disclose that I am working as Oracle consultant, I am sure my lecturer would bet any money that you are lying..Because I hardly sat in any sessions..and lab sessions (wherein you have to program and show the results) were really allergic to me..:)..I had a big green book which was titled BDP (Business Data Processing I think)..dont remember how many times I read that..but couldn't understand anything after first page .:)

but this part really made me feel better..
"Start a blog. Pick a writing schedule and stick with it; I recommend once a week at minimum. Select a general theme for your blog and write on topics related..."

I m glad I am atleast advancing in the battlefield in the right direction..but I guess I have work on my timing schedule..

Actually I was working on posting a new blog on Index Organized tables(aka IOTs)..but I am not really convinced with my own test scripts..looking for a better/close-to real-world example to post that.

Catch you in next

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Anonymous said...

Just checked your email and came to this blog.Excellent work man. I am still working with actuate reports.Your sql expertise is very much missed.(I heard you moved over to West-true? how is life)